Ichicraft Boards comes with an extensive widget library to create that single landing page.

Here you can discover the many ways to enhance your digital workplace experience. Our extensive library of widgets provides you with the tools to create a single, all-in-one landing page that streamlines your workflow and improves collaboration with your colleagues. Browse through the different categories and see how Ichicraft Boards can boost your productivity today.

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Azure DevOps

Organisation & colleagues

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Power BI

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Integrate your own line of business systems

It doesn’t have to end with the widgets we offer! Why not build your own custom widgets to interact with your line-of-business software to reach the product’s full potential? With our Widget Development Kit you can create a widget in minutes! If you are interested in developing your own widget with our Widget Development Kit, please contact us so we can get you up and running in no time.

Widget development service

With our Widget Development Service you can use our knowledge and resources to integrate your line-of-business software or perhaps other use cases you have in mind. The service is packaged in 5 steps, which are explained below.