Files Widget

Easier than ever to access the files you need

The Files widget is a user-friendly tool for quick and easy access to files in Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. With its intuitive interface and advanced Quick filter feature, you can now effortlessly search for files within a tab by filtering results based on various criteria such as file type, name, and modified date.

The Files widget also features a convenient File menu that allows you to perform various actions on your files with just a single click. You can easily edit, share, locate, or download your files without any hassle. Plus, your organization can create multiple tabs, each with its unique query, and you can even add your own tabs to access files regularly.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Quick filter

Especially handy when it comes to narrowing the list of files and to quickly find the file you’re looking for.

Use the filter button to filter files based on type, name, modified, modified by, created, and created by.

Manage tabs

Save your favorite filters as tabs to quickly access them in the future.

It’s very easy to add, delete and re-order tabs that you created yourself, or those that were preconfigured by your organization.

File actions

All the files in the list are actionable.

Depending on the file type and the file location, various actions can be performed right from the file list. Simply righ-click on the file and pick any of the options like open, edit, share or download.

Preconfigured tabs

As an administrator, you can create preconfigured tabs to help your users access their frequently used documents with ease.

It’s even possible to target these tabs to specific audiences, eliminating clutter and helping your users quickly find the content that’s most relevant to them.

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