Installation with Ready-Made Setups

Our installation process is designed to simplify the setup journey for administrators and product owners, empowering users to configure and customize their digital workplace with ease and precision. This page explores the available installation and setup options, each crafted to different organizational needs.

Complete: Explore the full spectrum

The “Complete” setup is perfect for newcomers to Ichicraft Boards. It includes demo content and provides a comprehensive introduction to the product’s features.

Ideal for: Users who want to explore the full potential of Ichicraft Boards and see all the features in action.

Benefits: Offers a holistic overview, making it an excellent starting point for those eager to experience everything Ichicraft Boards has to offer.

Essentials: Simplified setup for productivity

The “Essentials” setup is designed for users already familiar with Ichicraft Boards, focusing on installing only the vital widgets and features.

Ideal for: Users who prefer a quick and efficient setup without unnecessary extras.

Benefits: Ensures a fast installation process, allowing users to get straight to the essentials and enhance productivity.

Clean Slate: Start from scratch

The “Clean Slate” setup provides an empty canvas for experienced users to create their digital workplace from scratch.

Ideal for: Users who have a deep understanding of Ichicraft Boards and want full control over the setup.

Benefits: Allows experienced users to do a quick installation and utilize the administration panel to set up the digital workplace with precision, offering ultimate flexibility and customization.


Ichicraft Boards ensures a hassle-free installation experience, enabling you to elevate your workday with enhanced productivity and collaboration tools. Choose the setup that best suits your needs and start transforming your digital workplace with Ichicraft Boards today!

For detailed instructions, please refer to our Installation Guide.

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