Integrate Your Own Systems

Why not build your own custom widgets to interact with your line-of-business software to reach the product’s full potential? With our Widget Development Kit you can create a widget in minutes! If you are interested in developing your own widget with our Widget Development Kit, please contact us so we can get you up and running in no time.

Easy to begin

The easiest custom widget to build is one that doesn’t require user or admin configuration. By using our widget scaffolds, you can start building a custom widget within minutes after setting up your development environment.

Add some configuration

The next level of complexity involves building a widget that requires configuration settings, either at the user level or admin level.

By utilizing our scaffolds, you can set up these configurable widgets efficiently, ensuring that they meet the specific needs and preferences of your users or administrators.

User & Admin Configurable Wigdet

The most advanced widget includes configuration settings from both the administrator and user perspectives.

By instructing the scaffolding generator to include all levels of configuration, a working dummy widget will be generated. This provides a great kick start to building a comprehensive and fully functional widget.

For those who desire a red-carpet treatment and want to be fully unburdened

Widget Development Service

Leverage our expertise and resources with our Widget Development Service to integrate your line-of-business software or any other use cases you envision. 

Our service follows a comprehensive 5-step process:

  • Determine scope and feasibility
  • Assess fit-for-purpose
  • Develop and validate UI and behavior
  • Confirm the need for user and/or admin settings
  • Provide a cost estimate starting from 5000 euros
  • Validate data and security requirements
  • Conduct iterative development within the defined budget
  • Deploy to the customer’s production environment
  • Configure widget content and placement within a persona board
  • Standby support during launch
  • Ongoing support at 25% of the build cost


Adding custom widgets to Ichicraft Boards allows customers to integrate line-of-business software into their dashboards, making the implementation highly customized. Customers can either build their own widgets or use our Widget Development Service for comprehensive support.

This flexibility ensures that your organization’s unique requirements are met, enhancing productivity and creating a truly bespoke digital workspace.

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