Choose How You Use Ichicraft Boards: SharePoint, Teams, or Both

At Ichicraft, we understand that every organization is unique, with different needs and preferences. That’s why we offer the flexibility to deploy Ichicraft Boards through Microsoft Teams with SharePoint navigation, directly within SharePoint, or as a personal Teams app. This allows you to create a personalized digital workspace that fits perfectly with how your team works best.

Microsoft Teams (with SharePoint navigation)

Deploying Ichicraft Boards through Microsoft Teams with integrated SharePoint navigation is ideal for organizations focused on communication and collaboration.

Teams’ chat-based workspace enables real-time interaction, while SharePoint navigation offers easy access to your intranet. This setup streamlines workflows and boosts productivity by consolidating essential tools in one place, enhancing the user experience.

SharePoint Online

Many organizations use SharePoint as their intranet platform. Deploying Ichicraft Boards through SharePoint can transform it into a dynamic entry point for your intranet.

You can centralize all your tasks, calendars, emails, and reports in one place, making it easier to stay organized and on top of your work. By leveraging SharePoint’s robust features, Ichicraft Boards enhances your ability to manage and find content efficiently.

Microsoft Teams (personal app)

If you prefer a more focused setup, you can also deploy Ichicraft Boards as a personal Teams app. This option provides users with their own customizable board without the additional SharePoint navigation, making it ideal for those who need a streamlined, personal workspace.

Users can still access all essential tools and resources directly within Teams, tailored to their specific needs and preferences​.


Whether you choose to integrate Ichicraft Boards with Microsoft Teams for real-time collaboration, deploy it within SharePoint for a comprehensive intranet experience, or opt for a personal Teams app for a streamlined workspace, Ichicraft Boards adapts to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Select the setup that aligns best with your organization’s workflow, and enjoy a customized digital workspace that meets your specific requirements.

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