Must-Read Widget

Keep your employees up-to-date with critical information

Ensure critical communications are acknowledged and acted upon within your organization with the Must Read Widget. Use this indispensable tool to present essential updates like regulatory changes, revised working procedures, or security awareness updates directly to your employees. 

Designed to keep your teams informed and compliant, the Must Read Widget allows employees to confirm their understanding and completion of vital information. Streamline your internal processes and maintain high standards of organizational awareness with this intuitive and efficient solution.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Mark as completed & read time

Clear expectations for each task are provided to employees, including estimated completion times

As tasks are marked complete, they are removed from the to-do list, streamlining the user’s focus on pending items. For a comprehensive view of accomplishments, employees have access to an archive of completed tasks.

Different types of content & multilingual

The widget facilitates the publication of content in a multitude of formats, allowing you to match the nature of your message with the preferred medium of your audience. Whether it’s through presentations, videos, podcasts, or web pages, present your information with clarity in multiple languages

Select the most fitting format to ensure your message resonates effectively and engagingly.


Assessing the impact of your communications is crucial. The Must Read Widget offers valuable insights by tracking the completion rates of distributed content.

It quantifies engagement by displaying the percentage of the audience that has acknowledged and interacted with the material, providing content creators with a clear measure of their content’s reach.

Content settings

Schedule the release and set expiration dates for your messages to ensure they’re delivered at just the right time. 

Specify your audience to guarantee information is seen only by those it’s meant for, maintaining relevance and confidentiality.

Additionally, highlight the urgency of must-read material with a dedicated marker, drawing immediate attention where it’s needed most.

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