Finding the Right Expertise

Imagine if every user completed their profile – finding the right people within your organization would become a breeze! It’s in this spirit of streamlined efficiency that we’re excited to introduce the invaluable Profile Editing Feature in Ichicraft Boards.

Motivate to complete profile

A key part of the Edit Profile feature is a configurable indicator that displays the completeness percentage of a user’s profile. This visual indicator motivates users to reach 100%, or any target percentage set by the organization, ensuring that profiles are thorough and up-to-date.

Admin configurable

Administrators have the ability to decide which profile properties are included in a user’s profile in Ichicraft Boards. This ensures that users can concentrate on updating only the most important information, making profile management more efficient and relevant.

Centrally stored

Profile information in Ichicraft Boards is stored in the generally available Microsoft 365 Profile, also known as Delve profile. This integration ensures that profile information is automatically utilized in SharePoint Search and through our People Search Widget, enhancing the ability to find and connect with users across the organization.


The Profile Edit feature in Ichicraft Boards empowers users to keep their profiles up-to-date and relevant, significantly enhancing the findability and connectivity within your organization. With customizable profile properties, a motivating completeness indicator, and integration with Microsoft 365 Profile, managing and accessing profile information has never been easier!

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