Birthday Widget

Never miss cake day again!

Keep the party hats and confetti at the ready with our Birthday Widget! It’s your personal alert system for office cake opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on serenading colleagues with a hearty ‘Happy Birthday’. Because the only thing worse than forgetting a birthday is missing out on the cake.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Contact details

Go beyond just knowing the birthdays—our widget displays contact details, empowering you to shower the birthday star with wishes across any medium. Personalize your greetings and make every colleague feel celebrated.


Send your birthday wishes directly from the widget with just a click—choose between Teams or Outlook. It’s the perfect way to ensure your heartfelt messages reach the celebrant instantly.

Company preferences

For larger organizations, the Smart filter adjusts your view to display birthdays of only direct colleagues, maintaining both relevance and privacy.

Celebrate with those who opt to share their special day, ensuring your greetings are always significant and targeted.

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