Effective Communication During Critical Situations

The Urgent Messages feature in Ichicraft Boards is designed to help organizations bring critical and timely information directly to users’ attention. Positioned prominently above the user’s dashboard in a distinctive layout, these messages ensure that important updates are noticed immediately.

Whether it’s a security alert, scheduled system maintenance, temporary office closures, or even exciting news about an upcoming company event, Urgent Messages provide a reliable way to communicate crucial information to all users effectively.

Actionable alerts

Urgent messages in Ichicraft Boards can be configured to be actionable, allowing users to click on a message for additional information.

This feature transforms a simple alert into an interactive experience, providing users with quick access to essential details. Upon clicking, users can be directed to another website, view a pop-up dialog with rich information, or access embedded content such as videos, presentations, or SharePoint pages.

Publishing urgent messages

Ichicraft Boards provides a straightforward and efficient process for sending urgent messages quickly and accurately. The intuitive interface allows you to draft, format, and publish alerts with ease.

With features like scheduling, audience targeting, and severity indicators, you can ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time.

You can also preview your message before sending, attach files, and include clear instructions, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your communication.

Administrative control

Administrators have the flexibility to designate who can write urgent messages and set whether messages require approval before being published. They can also enable shared board owners to publish urgent messages on their own boards.

These options allow for effective control and alignment with organizational policies.


The Urgent Messages feature empowers organizations to communicate critical information quickly and effectively. With options for interactive messages, a streamlined publication process, and robust administrator controls, you can ensure that important alerts reach the right audience at the right time.

By leveraging these tools, your organization can maintain clear and efficient communication, keeping everyone informed and responsive to urgent situations.

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