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The easiest way to turn just about anything into a widget

Introducing the Embed Widget, your gateway to integrating content from other web pages and applications directly into your digital workspace. Using techniques like iframes and JavaScript snippets, this versatile widget lets you embed a variety of content effortlessly. Whether it’s updates from Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube videos, or live weather and stock reports, the Embed Widget brings external content right to your fingertips.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Example embeds

The widget comes with a variety of pre-configured examples to demonstrate its versatility and powerful parameterization options.

Effortlessly embed content from X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, weather updates, stock reports, and more.

The examples are usable as-is, but also showcase how customizable and adaptable the widget is to your specific needs.


One of the standout examples included in the Embed Widget is the stock reports feature, powered by TradingView.

This integration provides live updates on stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Customize the widget to display the specific symbols and financial information relevant to your organization, or allow your end users the flexibility to choose what they want to see. 


Another great example included in the Embed Widget is the weather forecasts feature, powered by Tomorrow.io.

This integration supports displaying detailed weather forecasts, current weather conditions, air quality, and pollutant levels.

Customize the widget to show the most relevant weather information for your location, ensuring you’re always prepared for the day ahead.


The Embed Widget also allows you to include YouTube content, whether it’s a single video or an entire playlist.

This feature is versatile, catering to various use cases—from a welcome video by the CEO introducing employees to the new intranet, to a presentation of the financial results from last year, or a playlist of tutorials guiding employees through different applications.

This integration ensures that your multimedia content is readily accessible and engaging.

X (Twitter)

Integrate dynamic content from X (Twitter) smoothly using our Embed widget.

Showcase a timeline, specific post, or video from X directly on your dashboard.

Stay connected and informed with real-time updates from your favorite social media platform integrated into your workspace.

Viva Engage

Make staying connected effortless with the Viva Engage Widget. This widget allows you to access and participate in conversations directly from your board. Streamline your communication and never miss an important update or discussion. Add the Viva Engage Widget today for a smoother, more integrated collaboration experience.

Advanced configuration

The widget boasts advanced configuration features, giving administrators the ability to make embeds more dynamic.

Automatically apply light or dark mode based on user preferences, or offer users predefined options with preconfigured settings.

Explore the various examples to see these powerful parameterization options in action, enhancing the flexibility and user experience of your embedded content.

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