Inbox Widget

Quick access to your e-mail

Ichicraft Boards revolutionizes your daily workflow by aggregating all essential inputs into a unified view. It consolidates information that might traditionally be accessed through separate apps, offering a cohesive context for each piece of data. This principle extends to our email widget, granting you immediate access to your latest unread emails, integrating them into your broader informational landscape.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Fly-out and quick actions

Enhance your email efficiency with the widget’s intuitive quick actions. With just a click, delete, flag, or mark messages as read.

Dive deeper with the convenient fly-out, offering a preview of the message and additional insights, ensuring you stay informed and responsive without ever leaving your dashboard.

Personal and shared inbox

Elevate teamwork and collaboration with the capability to access not only personal inboxes but also shared ones. This feature ensures you’re always in sync with your team’s communications, enabling shared flow of information and collective responsiveness.

Stay connected, informed, and aligned with your team, all from a single, convenient platform.

Display density

Customize your viewing experience with the adjustable density feature. Opt for a spacious layout to see fewer items with more detail, perfect for an in-depth overview, or select a condensed list to maximize visibility and scan through more messages at a glance.

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