Valuable Insights on How Users Interact With Ichicraft Boards

Ichicraft Boards offers powerful analytics capabilities to help organizations understand how their users interact with the platform. Instead of storing usage information internally, Ichicraft Boards collects data through a plugin that integrates with third-party analytics tools already in use by many organizations. This integration provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing organizations to fine-tune their Ichicraft Boards installation for optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Time-based analytics

Once the analytics feature is activated and the plugin is correctly installed, Ichicraft Boards begins collecting usage information right away. From that moment on, usage events are sent through the plugin to your third-party analytics tools.

This allows you to start gathering valuable insights into how users interact with Ichicraft Boards, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimizations based on real-time data.

Plugins Integration

Ichicraft Boards leverages the power of open-source abstraction library Analytics to integrate with a wide range of major analytics tools.

This flexibility allows you to connect with tools like Google Analytics, Segment, HubSpot, CrazyEgg, or even create custom integrations to suit your specific needs.

Track user data

For more granular insights, you can enable the tracking of user data. This feature identifies the user triggering each tracked event, providing detailed user-specific analytics.

Enabling this feature will affect General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliancy, so ensure you have the necessary user consent.

Event tracking

Administrators have granular control over the types of information collected in Ichicraft Boards.

Data can be gathered from general usage of the Boards functionality as well as specific interactions within individual widgets. For example, you can track how users interact with the App Launcher Widget, such as which apps are clicked, or monitor which news articles are viewed in the News Widget.


With the powerful analytics capabilities of Ichicraft Boards, organizations can gain valuable insights into user behavior and platform usage. By integrating with third-party analytics tools through versatile plugins and offering granular control over data collection, Ichicraft Boards empowers administrators to make informed decisions and optimize the user experience.

Start collecting and analyzing data today to fine-tune your digital workspace and enhance productivity across your organization!

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