It is said that Columbus used an early version of Ichicraft Widgets when he discovered America.

Use Ichicraft Widgets to personalize your Office 365 intranet or make Microsoft Teams even more powerful by installing Ichicraft Widgets as a personal app.

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Apart from an amazing product we also offer amazing services


Microsoft 365 is a great suite of software and services, but where to start?
Let us guide you through this minefield and leverage its full potential.


Need help migrating to Office 365? We’ve got a track record of many successful migrations.
We’ll unburden you from start to finish.


Are you building, converting or maintaining your own applications?
We’ve got some highly skilled specialists ready to assist.

Deployment & Continuous integration

Want to automate time consuming, repetitive tasks, so you can focus on adding value for your users?
We know how to set that up.
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