Don’t judge a homepage by its widgets.

Use Ichicraft Widgets to personalize your Microsoft 365 intranet or make Microsoft Teams even more powerful by installing Ichicraft Widgets as a personal app.

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Core features


Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online, Ichicraft Widgets helps your users get access to just the right information themselves.

Improve engagement

By showing information that’s relevant and up-to-date, users will return frequently to catch up, improving the overall engagement with your organization.

Guided onboarding

First-time users are guided through the most important features of the product. Configure widget bundles to offer users an easy way to get started with a pre-configured set of widgets.

Clear overview

By showing small blocks of condensed information, we make sure users get a clear overview of what’s important to them.

Seamless integration

Ichicraft Widgets integrates seamlessly with both SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Put the Widget Board on your existing homepage, add it as a personal app to Teams, or do both.

Effortless installation

Installing Ichicraft Widgets is easy, just follow the steps in our installation wizard and get up and running in no time.

Make it fit

No two companies are the same. That’s why Ichicraft Widgets is configurable to make it exactly fit your needs.


Take Ichicraft Widgets one step further by adding custom widgets you built yourself, allowing users to interact with your line-of-business software!

Compose your own widget board

Widgets are offered in a store-like interface where previews and details of each widget are presented. By adding and removing widgets, users can easily personalize their own widget board. Users are able to drag widgets across the board and resize them to appropriate dimensions. For instance: if your Todo task list contains many items, you can now give this widget some extra height to provide you with better overview of what to do.

Desktop, tablet, mobile

Also included is the ability to organise your board differently on devices with varying resolutions. This way you’ll be able to organise your board specifically for, let’s say, a desktop, a tablet and a mobile phone.

See it in action.

Audience mechanism

To offer a truly personal digital workplace to your users the audience mechanism can be used on various levels. The following levels, each to accomplish different use cases, are available:

  • Board templates: Templates that help users set up their widget board during first-run;
  • Content within a widget: super fine-grained option to target information within a widget;
  • Widgets: Users will only see widgets that are relevant to them;
  • Push and lock a widget: make sure a specific widget is pinned to boards of the right audience.

With this audience mechanism users are never bothered with widgets or information that is not relevant. Product owners of a digital workplace are fully in control of who sees what and make the workspace of every user a truly personal experience.


Ichicraft Widgets has been built from the ground up with a multilingual interface in mind. Currently the user interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch.

Board templates and guiding hand

With a board template you can configure which widgets are placed on the widget board of a user. After that initial set of widgets is added, first-time users are then guided through the most important features of Ichicraft Widgets.

See it in action.

Multiple boards

If you want to give your users more space to set up their digital workplace, you can activate the function for multiple boards from within the administration. Ideal for users who also need that extra space, for example, create a special board with their favorite reports or news sources and make them quickly accessible.

Up and running in a minute

The first time you put the widget board web part on a page, a wizard helps you through the initial configuration. This will take you no more than a minute. After this, you and your users are ready to start using Ichicraft Widgets!

See it in action.


Offer Ichicraft Widgets to your users the way you want.

Ichicraft Widgets can be deployed and offered to your users the way you want. You can deploy Ichicraft Widgets in Teams as a “personal app,” or if you use SharePoint as your main landing page, you can add it to a full-width section that is prominently positioned or in a more modest location in a vertical section. Off-course Ichicraft Widgets is also responsive and works on any screen, for example in the SharePoint App or Teams on mobile.

It’s up to you whether you install Ichicraft Widgets as a component to a SharePoint intranet, as a personal app in Microsoft Teams or offer your users the mobile app. You could even use all in parallel!


Our widgets

Our ever expanding set of ready-to-use widgets offers a great way to roll up important information!


Build your own widgets

It doesn’t have to end with the widgets we offer! Why not build your own custom widgets to interact with your line-of-business software to reach the product’s full potential? With our Widget Development Kit you can create a widget in minutes! If you are interested in developing your own widget with our Widget Development Kit, please contact us so we can get you up and running in no time.



Pricing tiers

Ichicraft Widgets is a subscription based add-on for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. The subscription license is billed yearly in accordance with number of internal users.

up to 1000 users


yearly base license



yearly per user license

1001 to 5000 users


yearly base license



yearly per user license

5001 users and up


yearly base license



yearly per user license

The following is included:

  • Get fully-featured and worry-free solution as a service

  • Updates and new features added monthly

  • Service and support

  • New widgets

  • Templates to build your own widgets

  • Technical support for building widgets

  • Azure hosting


We’re very proud Rabobank uses Ichicraft Widgets on their global intranet. Every day, 35.000 employees at Rabobank start their day with a personalized experience on their intranet homepage.