Design Features to Incorporate Corporate Identity

Ichicraft Boards empowers administrators with a comprehensive suite of design features to create a personalized and visually appealing digital workspace. By integrating elements that enhance corporate identity, Ichicraft Boards ensures that every aspect of your workspace reflects your brand’s unique style and professionalism.

Your brand, your logo

Make your Ichicraft Boards installation instantly recognizable by uploading your company, organization, or department logo. 

This feature helps maintain brand consistency and enhances your digital presence.

Check your background

Administrators can set the tone for the workspace by customizing the background with these diverse options:

  • Solid color backgrounds: Apply a single, solid color for a clean and minimalistic look.
  • Gradient backgrounds: Use a gradient background that smoothly transitions between colors, adding depth and interest.
  • Cover backgrounds: Upload a custom image to fully cover the background, making a bold visual statement.

Cohesive look

Change the appearance of specific elements, such as the vertical navigation bar and introductory boxes.

This feature allows administrators to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design that aligns with the overall workspace theme.

Fine-tune your theme

Dive deeper into customization with theme color options. Administrators  specify primary, text, and background colors, overriding the default SharePoint or Teams settings.

This level of control ensures the digital workspace is uniquely optimized to organizational preferences.

Not afraid of the dark?

Empower your organization to define the look and feel of the application in dark mode. Admins customize logos, backgrounds, and theme colors to  match your corporate style. This ensures user experience remains consistent, regardless of their preferred mode (light or dark).

Offer users the flexibility they crave while maintaining a brand-aligned environment.

CSS overrides

For administrators looking to push customization even further, Ichicraft Boards offers the ability to add custom (and supported!) CSS overrides. This feature allows you to modify your installation of Ichicraft Boards beyond the regular options provided in the interface.


By utilizing these comprehensive and user-friendly design features, administrators can create a digital workspace that is both functional and visually appealing. Whether aiming to enhance the digital environment or maintain brand consistency, Ichicraft Boards provides the tools needed to make the workspace truly unique and efficient.

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