Ichicraft Boards has been designed from the ground up with a multilingual interface, ensuring accessibility and usability for a diverse global audience. Currently, the user interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Dutch. The platform automatically detects and adapts to the user’s language, providing a smooth experience that caters to your organization’s linguistic needs.

Central configuration

Administrators have the flexibility to decide which languages to manage content in Ichicraft Boards. This setting can be easily configured in the settings panel, allowing organizations to tailor the multilingual capabilities to their specific needs and preferences.

Available in all related parts

After an admin selects the applicable languages for the installation of Ichicraft Boards, these languages become available throughout the administration interface.

This enables admins and content editors to easily manage and update content in all chosen languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance for a diverse user base.


Ichicraft Boards’ robust multilingual capabilities ensure that your organization can effectively communicate and manage content across a diverse global audience. With automatic language detection and customizable language settings, administrators easily cater to the linguistic needs of all users.

Embrace the power of multilingual support and create a truly inclusive digital workspace!

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