Sticky Notes Widget

A digital space for quick thoughts

Transform fleeting thoughts into action with the Sticky Notes Widget. A digital canvas for your to-dos, reminders, and brainwaves, this widget is your partner in productivity. Jot down ideas, compile lists, and track tasks effortlessly, all within reach on your personalized dashboard. Keep your day’s narrative clear and driven with every note.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Sync with Outlook

The widget automatically synchronizes with Outlook, keeping your notes safely nestled alongside your emails and calendar in Exchange. Enjoy the flexibility of managing your notes through both the widget and Outlook, ensuring your insights and tasks are always synced and up to date.

Multiple notes and colors

Bring a splash of color to your daily planning. Choose from a palette of pastel hues to categorize, prioritize, or simply brighten your notes.

Whether it’s sunny yellow for urgent tasks, calming blue for ideas, or passionate pink for deadlines, color-code your way to a more organized and lively workspace.

Rich text and copy to clipboard

Unleash your note-taking creativity with the rich text capabilities. Emphasize your points with bold, italic, underline, and strike-through options, or organize your thoughts using bullet lists.

Plus, with the copy-to-clipboard feature, transferring your crafted notes to any app is just a breeze.

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