Podcasts Widget

Inform your employees with this modern medium

Empower your corporate communications with the dynamic reach of podcasts. The Podcast Widget offers a compelling platform to engage employees, share knowledge, and build community within your organization. By integrating corporate podcasts into your digital workspace, you create a vibrant channel for storytelling, updates, and learning, creating a well-informed and tightly-knit company culture. Dive into a world where voice brings your corporate vision to life.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Direct playback

Delve into podcasts without ever leaving your digital workspace. The widget enables direct playback of both video and audio podcasts right from the widget itself. This means users can listen to or watch their favorite corporate podcasts without navigating away, ensuring a streamlined and integrated experience.


The widget facilitates the publication of content in a multitude of formats, allowing you to match the nature of your message with the preferred medium of your audience. Whether it’s through presentations, videos, podcasts, or web pages, present your information with clarity in multiple languages

Select the most fitting format to ensure your message resonates effectively and engagingly.


Gain insights into your podcast’s impact with our feature that tracks audience engagement. Users can mark episodes as complete, offering content creators a clear view of their podcast’s reach.

Content settings

Schedule the release and set expiration dates for your messages to ensure they’re delivered at just the right time. 

Specify your audience to guarantee information is seen only by those it’s meant for, maintaining relevance and confidentiality.

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