Banner Widget

A visually and versatile communication tool

Capture your audience’s attention with the Banner Widget — a dynamic tool designed to spotlight your most pivotal messages. Whether you’re heralding a major company milestone, announcing an upcoming event, or highlighting essential information, this widget offers an adaptable and straightforward setup. Its visual appeal ensures your message stands out, making it the perfect choice for promoting enduring content beyond the transient nature of news articles.

Some of the key functionalities this widget has to offer

Highlighted features

Configuration options

The Banner Widget lets you create and rotate multiple slides, ensuring your messages receive the attention they deserve. 

Choose from a range of customizable colors and overlays to maintain brand consistency.

Enable the autoplay feature to make your slides automatically rotate, ensuring that your messages keep flowing without manual interaction.

Customize the number of tiles displayed on a single slide to fit your content.

Tile configuration

You can choose between opening content in a new window or displaying it directly in a dialog, without the need for context switching.

Adjust zoom levels, horizontal and vertical positioning to ensure your visuals are presented just as you intend.

Customize each tile by deciding whether to display titles and call-to-action text, using multilingual content, enabling effective communication with a global audience.

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