Introducing the New Marketplace Widget

We are thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in our personal digital workplace solution, Ichicraft Boards – the Marketplace Widget. Stay tuned as we delve into the exciting features of the new Marketplace Widget.

Marketplace on Your Digital Workplace

The Marketplace Widget allows companies to offer a Marketplace within their digital workplace. This feature transforms the workplace into a more engaging and social platform. For instance, employees can share books they’ve read, sell unused items, or even offer services like carpooling.

Dialog with all details

All adverts are clickable, opening a dialog with all the necessary information. For instance, if a colleague is selling a Nintendo Switch, clicking on the advert will display images of the Switch, a good description on what is on sale and provide a contact button to message the seller.

User-Friendly Advert Creation

With the new widget, users can create adverts directly. This feature simplifies the process of posting an advert. For example, an employee can quickly post an advert about selling a used office chair right from the widget.

Admin Actions on Adverts

Admins can check all adverts and, if needed, perform admin actions like editing or deleting adverts. This ensures that all content aligns with company policies and maintains a professional and respectful marketplace environment.

Advert Categories

Admins have the ability to create Advert Categories. This feature allows for better organization and easier navigation of the marketplace. For example, admins can create categories like ‘Books’, ‘Furniture’, or ‘Electronics’ to group similar adverts together.

💡How to Get Started:

Install the Marketplace Widget: If the MarketPlace Widget isn’t available in your Widget Library, fear not! Simply follow these steps to add it:

  • Navigate to Board Administration
  • Select Widget Library
  • Click on “Install Widget from Ichicraft.”
  • Find the Marketplace Widget and click “Install.”

Once installed, the Marketplace Widget will be readily accessible for use within your organization.


In conclusion, the new Marketplace Widget is a significant enhancement to Ichicraft Boards. It not only adds a social aspect to the digital workplace but also promotes user engagement and interaction. We believe this feature will be a valuable addition to your digital workplace deployment.

Book a quick demo with our team and see how it can transform your digital workplace.