Introducing the New Count-Up Feature in the Countdown Widget

We’re pleased to unveil an enhancement to our Countdown Widget: the Count-Up feature! This new functionality allows you to count the days, hours, and minutes since a specific event, providing a powerful tool for tracking ongoing achievements and milestones.

Example of a personal board showing the Countdown Widget now capable of counting up.

How the Count-Up Feature Works

The Count-Up feature is perfect for various scenarios, such as motivating teams with safety records or celebrating continuous operational success. For instance, tracking the number of days without any incidents in a factory can boost morale and emphasize the importance of safety.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up the Count-Up feature is straightforward. Navigate to the Countdown Widget settings, and select the “Count-up” option from the Display type dropdown menu. Input the start date of the event you want to track. You can also customize the title, subtitle, and colors to match your organization’s branding.

Example of the Countdown Widget configuration, showcasing how to set up the Count-Up feature.

Practical Applications

  • Safety Records: Track the number of days without incidents in a factory.
  • Project Timelines: Monitor the duration of ongoing projects.
  • Operational Metrics: Measure continuous operational achievements.


The new Count-Up feature in the Countdown Widget is a powerful addition to Ichicraft Boards, enabling you to track and highlight significant milestones effectively. Whether you’re focusing on safety, project timelines, or operational success, this feature keeps your organization engaged and informed. Try out the Count-Up feature today and take your digital workplace to the next level!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Ichicraft Boards with features that meet your needs.

P.S. – Who said a countdown can’t go up? It’s like watching your safety record soar to new heights every day! 🎉

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