Explore the New Backup and Restore Functionality

We’re pleased to introduce a significant enhancement to our digital workplace solution – the Backup and Restore feature. This addition is aimed at providing administrators with a practical and straightforward toolset for managing their Ichicraft Boards installations. Let’s delve into the details!

Backup Functionality

This feature allows administrators to create a comprehensive backup of their Ichicraft Boards installation within a specified site collection. The backup includes:

  • Configuration Settings: Capture all configuration settings associated with your installation.
  • Resources Stored in Libraries and Lists: Back up resources stored in libraries and lists.
  • Shared Boards (if applicable): Preserve collaborative efforts with shared boards.
  • Installed Widgets Configuration: Secure the configuration of all installed widgets.

Note: Personal boards and settings are intentionally excluded from the backup.

Restore an Installation

Admins can restore an Ichicraft Boards installation from a previously generated backup file.

đź’ˇTip: Useful for transferring configurations between different environments, such as from an acceptance to a production environment.

Moving configurations between environments

Beyond data preservation, this feature serves as a pragmatic tool for administrators managing transitions across diverse environments. Moving configurations between environments, like from an acceptance environment to production, becomes a straightforward process with the Backup and Restore feature.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Backup and Restore feature for Ichicraft Boards is a functional addition aimed at simplifying the management of installations. It is tailored to meet the practical needs of administrators.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine the functionality of Ichicraft Boards, keeping your user experience efficient and straightforward. Your feedback is always valued!

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