Effortless news post creation in your personal digital workplace 🚀

We are excited to announce a new feature in our personal digital workplace solution that will simplify how you publish news posts in SharePoint Online. With this enhancement, creating news posts becomes quick and easy, right from the News Widget!

💼 Effortless site selection

For permitted users, clicking on the “Add News Post” button in the News Widget header opens a simple dialog displaying all their eligible sites. 

No confusion, just a clear and user-friendly overview.

🌟 Instant news post creation

Select the desired site, and a new news post is instantly created, ready for your content! 

No more navigating through multiple screens or complicated steps.

🔒 Custom access control

Define who can access the “Add News Post” feature through our admin configuration. 

You can give users access by navigating to the board administration and opening the widget settings. Here, you have the flexibility to add users or groups, ensuring that only authorized users with the necessary permissions can use it, avoiding any disruption to other users.


Upgrade your digital workplace now to experience the convenience and efficiency firsthand. Don’t miss out on this great addition! 

Get started today and elevate your digital workplace experience with our latest update.

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