Admin Configurable Filters for People Search

Our latest update introduces Admin Configurable Filters for the People Search widget, giving you greater control over who appears in your search results.

How It Works

With Admin Configurable Filters, administrators now have the ability to exclude specific individuals from search results based on predefined criteria.

Here are a few example filters that can be applied:

  • displayName: This is the user’s displayed name. For instance, if you apply the “Doesn’t contain” operator with the value “John”, all users whose display name includes “John” will be excluded from the results.
  • userPrincipalName: This is the unique identifier for the user. If you apply the “Doesn’t begin with” operator with the value “admin”, all users whose principal name starts with “admin” will be excluded from the results.

In addition to displayName and userPrincipalName, it’s also possible to filter accounts based on DepartmentcompanyName, and jobTitle.

Note: By default, all disabled and guest accounts are filtered out from your search results. This means you’ll only see active, regular users in your search results, making it easier for you to find the people you’re looking for.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Admin Configurable Filters is easy:

  1. Navigate to the People Search widget within Ichicraft Boards.
  2. Access the widget admin configuration, where you can define your exclusion criteria. (only available for administrators).
  3. Apply the filters, and instantly see the impact on your search results.

We’re excited to see how this feature empowers you to find the right people quickly and efficiently within your digital workplace. 

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