All you need in just one place

Ichicraft Boards can be deployed and offered to your users the way you want

Discover the best deployment scenario for your organization by exploring our deployment options. 

Apply your
company branding

Your digital workplace should reflect your corporate identity! With Ichicraft Boards you can easily apply your branding.

Board template for every target group

With board templates you can create that personal digital workplace that fits the needs of every user group.

Integrate your
own systems

Integrate your line-of-business software and let your users directly interact using a familiar interface and without losing time.


Installing Ichicraft Boards is easy, just follow the steps in our installation wizard and get up and running in no time.

New features and
always up to date

We keep improving Ichicraft Boards and all these new features are deployed automatically

Secure and compliant

Your data is stored and remains within your tenant, ensuring compliance and security of your data

Multilingual interface

Ichicraft Boards has been built from the ground up with a multilingual interface in mind.

Share Boards with your coworkers

With shared board you can easily share a board with your team, department or company


Audience mechanism

To offer a truly personal digital workplace to your users the audience mechanism can be used on various levels.

– Board templates
– Widgets
– Content within a widget
– Push and lock widgets

Product owners of a digital workplace are fully in control of who sees what to make the workspace of every user a truly personal experience.


Multiple boards

If you want to give your users more space to set up their digital workplace, you can activate the function for multiple boards from within the administration. Ideal for users who also need that extra space, for example, create a special board with their favorite reports or news sources and make them quickly accessible.


Shared boards

Shared boards allow you to extend the use of boards to the context of a team, department, or the entire organization. You can favorite shared boards to quickly access them from your personal board. A shared board can only be edited by its owner, useful if you want to share a combination of widgets with your colleagues.


Up and running in minutes

The first time you put the Ichicraft Boards web part on a page, a wizard helps you through the initial configuration. This will take you no more than a minute. After this, you and your users are ready to start using Ichicraft Boards!



Ichicraft Boards has been built from the ground up with a multilingual interface in mind. Currently the user interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch.

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