Introducing the enhanced Inform and Onboard Widget

We are thrilled to announce the enhanced capabilities of our Inform and Onboard widget, designed to make employee communication and onboarding even easier and more fun within your digital workplace solution!

🎧 MP3 Support: The enhanced widget now supports MP3 files, making it easy to publish podcasts or other audio content. You can now engage and inform your employees with audio-based messages or training materials, enhancing the overall user experience.

📂 File Picker and Upload Dialog: With the new file picker feature, you can now easily select files stored in your SharePoint document library directly within the widget, and also store local files in your SharePoint library using the file upload dialog. This makes it seamless to share important documents, such as updated working procedures, instructional materials, or any other relevant files with your team, without having to navigate away from the widget.

📄 Automatic Content Embedding: The widget now automatically embeds content within the interface, allowing you to view images, videos, and documents without having to leave the widget. This saves time and effort in accessing important information, making the widget even more user-friendly and efficient.

📅 Scheduled Content Feature: The enhanced Inform and Onboard widget now includes a new feature that allows you to schedule content based on the duration of an employee’s employment at the company. For example, you can set up a questionnaire to collect feedback from employees when they reach a specific milestone, such as 💯days of working at the company. This feature enables you to proactively collect valuable feedback from employees at appropriate intervals, helping you to continuously improve and enhance your workplace experience. With the scheduled content feature, you can easily gather insights from your employees and make data-driven decisions to create a positive and engaging work environment.

📢 Here’s an example of how easy it is to publish a podcast:

Upgrade your employee communication and onboarding process with the enhanced Inform and Onboard widget from Ichicraft Boards and boost your workplace efficiency today! 📈👍😊

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please let us know here.