Collaborative Dashboards

Shared Boards are designed as communal dashboards, providing an efficient and accessible hub for resources, tools, and updates that can be readily shared and accessed by relevant users, making them ideal not only for teams but also for entire departments or organizations to stay connected and informed.

Who's the boss?

Shared boards in Ichicraft Boards are managed by designated board owners with edit permissions. These owners can customize the dashboard, add or remove widgets, and adjust configurations to meet the needs of the team, department, project, or entire organization.

The audience of a shared board consists of users who have read permissions. These visitors can view the content and utilize the information provided on the shared board, but they cannot make changes.

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Ichicraft Boards can automatically add shared boards to the navigation pane of all intended visitors. This ensures that team members, departments, or the entire organization can easily access relevant dashboards without manual action.

By automating this process, critical information and resources are readily available to everyone who needs them.


Just like with personal boards, organizations can create board templates for shared boards. This is particularly useful when multiple shared boards of the same kind need to be created, such as for projects or teams.

By using templates, organizations can ensure consistency and save time, making it easy to set up and deploy new shared boards that meet specific needs and standards.

Widget library

Organizations have the flexibility to determine which widgets are suitable for shared boards, creating a curated widget library for shared board owners. This allows board owners to construct shared dashboards with the most relevant and useful tools, ensuring that each shared board is tailored to the specific needs of its audience.

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Not for everyone

Ichicraft Boards administrators have the authority to decide who can become a shared board creator and ultimately a board owner.

This level of control allows organizations to maintain strict governance over the creation and management of shared boards, ensuring that only authorized individuals can create and manage these resources.

Fully responsive

Ichicraft Boards ensures that all dashboards are fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across different screen sizes.

Board owners have access to tools that allow them to prepare and customize shared boards for various devices, ensuring that content is displayed effectively on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Collaborative dashboards in Ichicraft Boards empower teams, departments, and entire organizations to share and manage information effectively. With features like designated board owners, automatic navigation integration, customizable templates, a versatile widget library, and responsive design tools, shared boards are tailored to meet the specific needs of any audience.

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