Tailored Workspaces with Board Templates

Ichicraft Boards’ Board Templates serve as a foundational element in the creation of personalized and functional digital workspaces. These templates are designed to provide a structured and efficient starting point for users, enabling them to benefit from a pre-arranged set of widgets that cater to their specific professional needs.

Crafting templates

Creating a board template is a straightforward process within the administration panel.

By understanding the unique needs of your users—whether they’re in HR, Sales, or on the frontline—you can craft a variety of templates that resonate with their daily tasks.

Targeting the right audience is key; it ensures that each user receives a board that feels custom-made, enhancing their productivity and engagement.

Responsive design

Ensure a consistent user experience across all devices with Ichicraft Boards’ responsive design capabilities.

Our visual layout designer empowers administrators to design board templates that adapt to various screen resolutions, guaranteeing an optimal viewing experience whether users are on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

First-time user experience

When a user logs into Ichicraft Boards for the first time, they are greeted with a selection of board templates tailored to various organizational roles.

The user selects a template that aligns with their role, which then automatically configures their board with a set of pre-configured widgets based on best practices for their specific needs.

Templates for all

Discover the flexibility of Ichicraft Boards’ board templates, catering to both personal and shared boards.

Users can quickly create a  personal boards to their liking, while shared templates facilitate alignment and resource access for teams, departments, or the entire company


Board templates in Ichicraft Boards empower organizations to create customized dashboards that cater to the specific needs of different user personas. By providing pre-configured templates, users can quickly and efficiently start with a workspace that is perfectly suited to their roles and responsibilities. This targeted approach not only enhances user productivity and satisfaction but also ensures a smooth onboarding experience.

With board templates, every user is equipped with the right tools and information from the very beginning, driving overall organizational efficiency and success.

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