Enhance your 📢 announcements with the new Banner Widget

Ready to take your announcements to the next level? Meet the Banner Widget, the freshest feature in Ichicraft Boards. In this post, we’ll walk you through the exciting features and the incredible potential this widget brings to your communication strategy.

The Banner Widget is designed to enhance communication within Ichicraft Boards. It offers a variety of capabilities that can make a significant difference in how you convey important messages. Here’s what you can expect:

Multiple Slides for Impactful Messaging: 🖼️ The Banner Widget lets you create and rotate multiple slides, ensuring your messages receive the attention they deserve. Whether it’s company updates, announcements, or event promotions, you can deliver them all in one engaging space.

Design Customization: 🎨 Customize the widget to align with your brand’s identity. Choose from a range of customizable colors and overlays to maintain brand consistency.

Auto Play: 🔄 Enable the auto play feature to make your slides automatically rotate, ensuring that your messages keep flowing without manual interaction.

Auto Play Interval: ⏱️ Define the interval in seconds between each slide transition, allowing you to control the pace of your message delivery.

Tile Configuration: 🧩 Customize the number of tiles displayed on a single slide to fit your content seamlessly.

Dynamic tile configuration

The Banner Widget offers detailed tile configuration options:

Content Handling: 🌐 Define how content should open when a tile is clicked. You can choose between opening content in a new window or displaying it directly in a dialog, all without the need for context switching.

Image Control: 🖼️ Fine-tune how your images are displayed within each tile. Adjust zoom levels, horizontal and vertical positioning to ensure your visuals are presented just as you intend.

Title and Call to Action: 📝 Tailor each tile by deciding whether to display titles and call-to-action text. This level of customization allows you to strike a balance between visual appeal and informative content.

Support for Multilingual Content: 🌐 Recognizing the diversity of modern workplaces, the Banner Widget supports multilingual content, enabling effective communication with a global audience.


The Banner Widget in Ichicraft Boards is a powerful tool for enhancing communication within your digital workplace. It offers multiple slides, multilingual support, design flexibility, and dynamic tile configuration, empowering you to captivate your audience with important messages.

Try it out today and let your messages shine brighter than ever before. 🌟

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