Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is a core feature of Ichicraft Boards, designed to ensure that users have access to the information and tools they need, while avoiding unnecessary distractions. By leveraging audience targeting throughout the entire software, organizations can tailor content, widgets, and board templates to specific user groups. Your team members will only see what is relevant to them, enhancing productivity and focus.

Audiences on Board Templates

Organizations can utilize audience targeting to create board templates set up for specific user personas.

This ensures that when users start with their new digital workspace, they are greeted with a pre-filled dashboard designed to meet their unique needs.

This enhances efficiency and helps users to quickly acclimate to their personalized work environment.

Navigation Policies

Ichicraft Boards uses audience-targeted navigation policies to ensure that users have access to the shared boards they need.

By defining these policies, organizations can fill the navigation with links to all relevant boards, ensuring that users can easily find and access the information and resources that matter most to them.

Audiences on Widget

Ichicraft Boards ensures that only the most relevant widgets are presented to users through audience targeting. This feature allows organizations to optimize the widget experience, presenting the appropriate tools to each group of users.

Additionally, multiple variations of the same widget can be created with different configurations for specific audiences, further enhancing the customization and relevance of each user’s dashboard.

Audiences on Widget Content

Within each widget, audience targeting plays a crucial role in ensuring that content and configurations are customized for specific user groups.

Ichicraft Boards allows organizations to fine-tune the information and settings within widgets based on the audience, providing a personalized and relevant experience for every user.


This is just a selection of where audience targeting is utilized; you’ll find it integrated in many other areas throughout the software (like our urgent messages feature), continuously enhancing the relevance and productivity of your digital workspace.

Audience targeting in Ichicraft Boards is a powerful feature that ensures users have access to the most relevant information, tools, and configurations. From setting up board templates and navigation policies to customizing widgets and their content, audience targeting plays a crucial role in delivering a personalized and efficient user experience.

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