Besides amazing products we also offer amazing services


Need help migrating to Office 365? We’ve got a track record of many successful migrations.
We’ll unburden you from start to finish.


From the operational perspective, we can support you with content assessment, migration planning and migration strategy.

Functional mapping

We’ll help you map your on-premise environment to Microsoft 365, taking full advantage of the Microsoft 365 toolset.


On the technical side we’ve got the knowhow to prepare, automate, test and execute your migration, whether it’s small business or enterprise scale.


Are you building, converting or maintaining your own applications?
We’ve got some highly skilled specialists ready to assist.

On-prem or cloud

We are experienced in both on-prem and cloud solutions, always using Microsoft’s best practices and the most recent development frameworks and API’s.

Guidance through all phases

Our experienced multi-disciplined team can guide you through all phases of the development process: defining requirements, prototyping, technical design, actual development, testing, deployment and of course maintenance.

Highest quality

We are focused on delivering the highest quality of maintainable, secure and optimally performing applications. We’ll give your software the same attention that we give our own.

Deployment & Continuous delivery

Want to automate time consuming, repetitive tasks, so you can focus on adding value for your users?
We know how to set that up.


We’ve got decades of experience in designing and building software development factories and implementing DevOps. CI/CD is running through our blood and we’d love to help you set this up the right way.

Embark the cloud

Using Azure DevOps, Azure and Azure on-premises data gateway we’ll design a secure, hybrid platform that enables your devops teams to quickly embark the cloud.

Some of our services

  • Automate deployment of O365 and Azure bases solutions
  • Advice you on testing strategies
  • Help you implement logging and monitoring and generate reports
  • Design and implement fallback and backup scenario’s


Yes, Microsoft 365 is a great suite of software and services, but where to start?
Let us guide you through this minefield and leverage its full potential.

Business analysis

You’ll need someone who knows how to translate the requirements of the business into something the project team understands. We’ve been doing this for ages and would love to let you take advantage of this experience.

From requirements to user stories

Everyone does agile projects these days, and that’s a good thing. Translating those ambiguous business requirements into clearly formulated user stories is a fine art, though, that we think we’ve mastered through the years.

Strategic planning

Before everything else, we believe laying out a good strategy for your project is  what you should start with. Whether you’re planning on a project to improve or expand something existing, or you’re at the start of something new, we’ll help you with preliminary analysis and planning of your project.