Optimizing Your Digital Workplace with Ichicraft Boards: Deployment Options and Advantages

Ichicraft Boards is a versatile solution that can be deployed within SharePoint or Teams, offering organizations multiple deployment options to choose from. Let’s explore the different deployment options of Ichicraft Boards and the advantages of each scenario.


The fullscreen deployment method is perfect for organizations that want to provide their employees with a dedicated and focused environment for work. When Ichicraft Boards is displayed in a fullscreen mode, it covers the entire screen, with no other web parts or parts of the page visible. 

This deployment method is perfect for organizations seeking to fully leverage the features of Ichicraft Boards to create a personalized digital workplace that is tailored to their employees’ specific needs and requirements.


By integrating Ichicraft Boards with other web parts in a horizontal manner, organizations can create a partially personalized workspace for their employees. This approach involves displaying Ichicraft Boards and other web parts side-by-side, providing a balance of organizational and personal information. 

By blending the benefits of Microsoft’s web parts and Ichicraft Boards, this deployment method creates an effective and convenient work environment for employees.


The vertical deployment scenario involves displaying Ichicraft Boards as a vertical part of the page, taking up a portion of the screen space. This deployment method is perfect for organizations seeking to offer their employees a customizable space within a limited area of the page.

This deployment option is ideal for organizations that want to provide their employees with a balanced and convenient solution for work.

Including the Hub Navigation of a SharePoint Intranet

This deployment option allows organizations to include the hub navigation of their SharePoint intranet, providing employees with access to other parts of the intranet from within Ichicraft Boards. This navigation will give employees a centralized and unified environment for work, improving their overall experience and efficiency. 

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