Simplify Your Onboarding and Communication with the Inform and Onboard widget

This new widget is an efficient and convenient tool for informing and onboarding your employees. It can be used to make sure that your employees are aware of new working procedures or to guide new employees during their first days at the organization. The widget is user-friendly and fully customizable to meet your specific needs. It promotes consistency by presenting information and instructions in a standardized manner, and it saves time and effort by providing a quick and easy way to distribute important information or guide new employees through the onboarding process.

Variety of content formats

The Inform and Onboard widget makes it easy to publish content in a variety of formats, including Simple Text, Presentations, Video, and internal and external web pages. This allows you to choose the format that best suits your message and ensures that your information is conveyed in an effective and engaging way.


The Inform and Onboard widget is designed to accommodate organizations with employees speaking different languages. Its multi-lingual capabilities allow you to publish content in multiple languages, ensuring that all of your employees have access to the information and instructions they need, regardless of their language proficiency. This can be especially useful for global organizations with teams located in different countries or for organizations with employees who speak multiple languages.

Categories and statistics

By creating categories you can structure the information you publish. You can assign contributors to specific categories and access statistical data to see how many colleagues have marked the published items as read. This can help you understand the reach of your content and ensure that the information is being effectively communicated to your employees.

In short, the Inform and Onboard widget can help streamline the onboarding and communication process, leading to increased employee satisfaction and organizational success.